The following “General Features & Amenities” are solely an example of what we have provided in our current and/or completed projects. The mentioned features may not apply for every project. Please note that the features provided in each project are clearly stated in the said project’s page.
Decorative solid wood main entrance door with high quality door-lock, door chain, apartment I/D plate and check-viewer.
Internal doors with strong and durable wood veneered flush door shutters.
All solid wood and veneered door shutters fitted with solid wood door frames.
All door shutters attached to the balcony of aluminum framed sliding glass shutters with mosquito net or solid wood matching with the architectural plan of the building.
All toilet doors lined with water-proof plastic wood kicker plate or lacquered.
Windows :
Sliding Windows with silver anodized or powder coated aluminum profiles and 5mm thick clear glass shutters as per architectural/ aesthetic design of the building.
All aluminum sliding windows with mosquito net and rainwater barrier.
Grills with solid steel bar in all external windows.
Walls :
Only high quality machine made bricks of automatic plant used for walls and smooth finish walls with cement plaster and lining or cladding as per architectural design.
Best quality local or imported ceramic glazed wall tiles up to full ceiling height matching with floor tiles in all toilets/ bathrooms and kitchen.
Floor :
Homogenous (RAK/ CBC/Great- Wall/ or equivalent) tiles (600mmX600mm) for floor and skirting in all bed rooms, living rooms, dinning space and foyer.
Nonskid type RAK homogeneous tiles for balcony.
All floors in kitchen and balcony will be lined with non-slip type Homogeneous tiles (RAK/CBC/Great-wall or equivalent).
All stair tiles non-skid type homogenous RAK/CBC/ Great-wall or equivalent stair tiles.
Elegantly designed heavy steel grill for outer periphery of open balconies to ensure maximum security.
Termite protection for ground floor and plinth area.
Roof Slab :
Reinforced concrete with high quality stone aggregate.
Reinforced concrete water-proof lining on imported water-proof membrane with Styrofoam sandwich for comprehensive roof treatment.
Painting and Cladding :
Plastic paint (luxury silk or equivalent) on all internal wall and ceiling.
Exterior wall with fungus resistant weather coat and brick cladding as per Architectural Design.
French polish on all doorframe, shutters and Toilet door shutters (inside) with acrylic clear lacquer coating.
Synthetic enamel paint on grill and verandah railing.
Bathroom Features :
Bath tub in master bath and shower tray in Child bathroom
Sanitary ware: Best quality local or equivalent imported sanitary ware (e.g., commode, hand wash basin) and chrome plated fittings (towel rail, toilet paper holder), porcelain soap tray and large mirrors in all bathrooms with overhead lamps.
Water pipes: Hot and cold water pipes and high quality accessories with provision for electric geyser in master bed, child room.
Maid’s toilet: Long pan with lowdown and shower.
Kitchen Features :
Platform: Impressive Granite textured tiles work top.
Burner: Provision for double burner gas cooker.
Sink & Water Line: One imported stainless steel counter-top sink (single bowl) and sink mixture with provision for concealed hot water pipes for sink.
Exhaust Fan: Suitably located exhaust fan.
Washing Area: Separate washing area in kitchen verandah.
Communication Interface :
Standard good quality (KCOM or Panasonic or equivalent) intercom connecting each Apartment to the Reception Desk/ Guard Room.
Provision for concealed PSTN telephone connection in master bed room and family living room.
Provision for broadband internet cable connection in child room and family living room.
Electrical :
Imported modular type (MK/ABB/Siemens or equivalent) electrical switches and receptacles;
Provision for window/ split type air conditioner in all bedrooms, living and dining area.
Standard quality concealed electrical wiring (BRB/ Paradise or equivalent).
All power outlets with earth connection.
Utility Connections :
Subject to government, regulatory and utility provider’s (DPDC/DESCO, WASA, Titas GTDC) restrictions.
Electric connection with independent energy meter.
Water connection with a common meter.
Sewage tie-in with local network.
Provision for double burner gas cooker connection through independent riser.
High Yield Deformed (HYD) Bar: Reinforcing Steel (Grade-60) of renowned manufactures e.g. Bangladesh Steel & Re-Rolling Mills Ltd., Bashundhara Steel Mills Ltd., and GPS Ispat.
Cement: Ordinary Protland Grey Cement from the prominent manufacturers like KING brand (Meghna Cement Mills Ltd.), Seven Ring brand (Seven Circle Ltd.), and Holcim.
Bricks : Only machine made bricks from automatic plant.
Aggregate :
Coarse Aggregate: High strength crushed stone chips of only Bholaganj and Jafflong origin for all foundation slab, column, beam, floor and roof slab. Well or over-burnt first class bricks and picked aggregate for non-structural concrete such as false slab, lintel etc.
    Fine Aggregate: 2.5FM Coarse Sand (Sylhet origin) and 1.2 FM Medium Sand (Mymensingh origin)
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